Most of our buyers do not demand a refund because our patrons are content and pleased with our services. But in case you are facing any problems, we recommend you to read our refund policy carefully and get the complete information.

Set Your Social Media Profile Public

You have to set your social media profile public before booking an order. We cannot provide services to patrons with private social media profiles. In this situation, the customer will not get a refund.

Contact our customer support team.

If you have any problems, first of all, you need to contact us through customer support or If you claim before 30 days, we offer a money-back guarantee to all our clients. If we have a fault, we will serve you with a complete or limited refund. Once we become aware of your issue, we will try to rectify the problem and satisfy you.

Withholding guarantee

We will not provide refunds when your followers, likes, or views count falls. As part of our promise to our patrons, we give customers rights and, that is why we have a replenishment policy. When you see a fall in your followers or likes, you can contact us, and we will provide withholdings without charging any extra costs. Some restrictions may apply.

Additional information

You won’t be capable of claiming a refund if:

  • Your order has been transported or is in queue
  • You’ve registered a case with PayPal or chargeback with your credit card company
  • Your conduct is impolite towards our customer support crew
  • You hold us accountable for any loss or destruction
  • You’re not following social media’s community guidelines

Why you will get a refund

We will refund you fully or partially only if we fail to send your order due to some problems in our system, some issues in your account, or some misunderstanding with the product. Kindly note that we will not give you refunds if your order’s delivery process has started.

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