Do not forget to go through the terms and conditions carefully Because it will help you a lot and avoid any discrepancy when you buy likes, followers, or any other services from us.  

Public your Social Media Profiles

When you have decided to contact us and place an order, you should set your social media profile on the public. Private profile holders cannot raise their followers. In this condition, a buyer will be unable to file a refund claim or a chargeback. Every individual on Social media platform has to set profile public to reach more follower count in a short time. When your profile is visible to everyone, it will likely increase the chances to grow your followers and likes.  


The agreement has been restructured as of 25th August 2021. If you aren’t in agreement with the terms and services of the website, we do not endorse you to avail of any offer. At present, numerous updates will be conferred in the data later.


You have to evade uploading anything that is not in terms with the rules of social media websites or disrupts the public. For this, you must visit social media websites and go through their terms and conditions in detail. Make sure you have read the info connected to the posts that they permit people to upload. If you involve in hate speech, nakedness, ferocity, or scam, we will not approve your profile at all. Besides, we don’t promise robust engagement with any of your posts to appeal to more followers in the forthcoming.


When you associate with us, you decide not to cause any problems while remunerating through a credit card, PayPal, or a bank transmission. If you tend to create any hurdle for our team, we will not offer any chargeback and hold back your deal. It might also result in the withdrawal of our facilities for you. We will also restrict your username and take back all of the services you bought through our platform.


Our platform does not let you copy anything from our website without our agreement. Because we have a comprehensive history of helping the most desirable persons in public, we stand a complete chance to pursue you and stop our services. Also, we will take severe action if you use our website media without our permission.

Private Information

All the information that you share on our website will be kept confidential. In other words, we will only use your information to manage the services that we have to deliver. Plus, we claim accountability to guard your information to the jam-packed. If you want us to delete your data or even remarks from our website, we will do so without producing any distress to you.


You have to stand by the instructions and guidelines of our website to the fullest. We will do it without causing any harm, fatalities, or penalties to the website. Because you want to buy the services in your danger, we won’t be accountable for any hurdle that occurs later.

Age Specifications

Customers above 13 years of age will be suitable for our services. Somehow it is suggested for grown-ups to communicate with us due to social media marketing. And we want to empower our youth as well.

Money-back and repayment policy

You can write to us at our authorized email address and contact our customer services staff to resolve the problem. Additional information is open on the Refund Policy section to inform you more precisely.


We won’t be accountable for any damage or impairment triggered to you after seeing an increase in the number of your social media website followers.

We try to convey the results as soon as possible. But, slight issues or technical errors might cause a delay, so we suppose our customers to collaborate with us.

You have to read the terms and conditions and be on our side when you decide to avail of our services.

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